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Heat treatment facilities

BISSON Impianti Industriali s.r.l.
ITALY  metal rolled radiant tube
EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH AUSTRIA Annealing, hardening and homogenizing solution facility
Framag Industrieanlagenbau AUSTRIA Torch cut machine
Plustherm Point Ltd. Switzerland  induction heating system
Pulse combustion systems U.S.A.  Pulse combuster
Rubig GmbH & Co. KG AUSTRIA Plasma nitriding unit, Micropuls plasma generator

Metal finishing facilities

ALFRED WERTLI AG Switzerland Continuous casting machine
Behringer GmbH GERMANY  cutting machine
BURGHARDT+SCHMIDT GmbH GERMANY Stretch-bend-leveling line, slitter, spooler, cut-to-length line
DeeTee industries Ltd. India  Slitting Line Tooling, Cold Rolling Mill Rolls, Leveller Rolls
Schnutz GmbH GERMANY  Leveller, strip line

Measuring equipments for metals

iMess GmbH GERMANY optical measurement and test system
NoKra Optische Prüftechnik und Automation GmbH GERMANY Laser measuring and automation device
UVB Technik Czech Republic Thickness gauge

Wire and cable manufacturing equipments

BTSR International S.p.A. ITALY Constant tension feeder 
BWE Ltd. U.K. Conform/Conklad machines, Cold welders
F.U.R Wickeltechnologie GmbH  GERMANY Toroidal winding machine 
HIVOTEC Ltd. SWITZERLAND High voltage cable preparation tools
Keir Manufacturing, Inc. U.S.A.  Air wipe
MAG Maschines GmbH AUSTRIA Wire enameling machines, Tester
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co., KG GERMANY Wire drawing machine
MEDEK & SCHOERNER GmbH AUSTRIA High speed markers and printers for insulated cables, optical fiber and plastic tubes
MEMA Maschinenbau GmbH GERMANY Coilers and precision take-ups for bare wires and square wires
Nexans Deutschland GmbH GERMANY UNIWEMA Forming and Welding Line, Cross Welding Equipment for Metal Strips
PlasmaIt GmbH AUSTRIA Plasma treatment for wire and cable
Tapeformers Ltd U.K. Tapeformer
TROESTER GmbH GERMANY Production lines and components for manufacturing of power cable and rubber extrusions
Walson Woodburn Wire Die India India Drawing dies and compacting dies
X-Compound GmbH GERMANY Continuous Keader

Rubber processing machinery

EAS Mold & Die Change Systems Co., Ltd. Netherland Mold and die change system
REP International FRANCE Rubber injection machines

Plastic processing machinery and tool

Dolphin Pack S.r.l. ITALY Mattresse packaging machine
FECKEN-KIRFEL GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik GERMANY Cutting and splitting machine for plastic, rubber and cork
Guill Tool & Engineering U.S.A.  Crosshead, inline head, custom tip and die (medical tube, multi layer tube, multilume 
Ital Trade Services srl ITALY Butt welder
WOYWOD Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH & Co. GERMANY Volumetric/Gravimetric closing unit

Surface treatment system

AcXys Technologies FRANCE Atmospheric plasma treatment unit, Plasma coating system
Arcotec GmbH GERMANY Corona, Plasma and Gas flame treaters
FLUOR TECHNIK SYSTEM GmbH GERMANY Fluorine pretreatment system and equipments
RAantec GmbH GERMANY Open air plasma treatment unit
Surface Treat, a.s. Czech Republic Plasma surface treatment unit
Systemes et Techgnologies de Traitement de Surface FRANCE Indirect electrode corona treating system

Cleaning and ionization system

Advanced Clean Production GmbH GERMANY  CO2 cleaning system
KIST + Escherich GmbH  GERMANY Surface cleaning system
HAUG GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY Ionization system and surface cleaning system

Printing technology

MEDEK & SCHOERNER GmbH AUSTRIA  High speed markers and printers for insulated cables, optical fiber and plastic tubes
Mobil-Mark GmbH GERMANY Portable laser marking system

Measuring equipments

ASTECH GmbH GERMANY  Speed and length gauge, color sensor
imess GmbH GERMANY  optical measurement and test system
NoKra Optische Prüftechnik und Automation GmbH GERMANY  Laser measuring and automation device
QASS GmbH GERMANY  Crack detecting device
UVB Technik Czech Republic Thickness gauge

Power transmission device

PIV Drives GmbH GERMANY  P.I.V. Speed variator, CVT-gear, bevel-helical reduction gear
Stemmann-Technik GmbH GERMANY Pantographs, Third-rail shoegear, Earthing Contacts, Cable reel, Slipring, Festoon system, Stinger system
Stromag GmbH GERMANY Electromagnetic clutch and brake, flexible coupling, limit switch, caliper disc brake

Wafer handling

ZS-handling GmbH GERMANY Ulttasonic handling system

Battery related materials

Advent Technologies Inc. U.S.A.  High temparature MEA
Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH Czech Republic customized cell and battery system

Laboratory instruments

Inert U.S.A.  Glovebox, custom glovebox, chemical dispensing glovebox, solvent purification system
Enviromental Robots, Inc. U.S.A. Polymeric artificial muscle, artificial muscle science kit, IPMC, nano-sensor, nano-actuator

Material handling and transportation

AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH
GERMANY Vacuum lifter
EAS Mold & Die Change Systems Co., Ltd. Netherland  Mold and die change system
Power handling, Inc U.S.A. Powerhandler (pneumatic and battery powered machines)

Test ink and Mold lubricant

Arcotest GmbH GERMANY Inks and pens to evaluate the surface energy
Prodhag Produktion & Handel e.K. GERMANY Colloidgraphite-Micrographite layer release agent

Auxiliary equipments for production line

CFC Europe GmbH GERMANY color printing tape foils
ELOF AB Sweden  Heavy load handlers
Howden Turbo GmbH GERMANY Blowers, steam turbines, compressor
JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH GERMANY JUDO backwash filters
LAPP GmbH GERMANY  Cold pressure welding machine
PCM POMPES FRANCE PCM Progressive-Cavity Pump, Delasco hose pump
Weisser Spulenkoerper GmbH & Co., KG. GERMANY Bobbins

Railway and industrial electrifcation equpments

BRECKNELL WILLIS & CO. LTD.  U.K. Pantograph, Conductor rail, Shoegear
STEMMANN-TECHNIK GmbH GERMANY Pantographs, Third-rail shoegear, Earthing Contacts, Cable reel, Slipring, Festoon system, Stinger system

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