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European finest industrial machinery with unrivaled after-sales service of Japan

For more than 70 years, K. Brasch has been dedicated to providing state of the art production systems
from all over the world with our expertise and experience.
Our customers leverage cutting-edge solutions and associated services with our highly motivated and committed team.

International Procurement

Sourcing from a wide range of overseas suppliers mainly from European and American countries, we also procure from emerging companies in Asia. 
Customers always benefit from the network of our international partners.


Expertise and experience

We focus on understanding customer's demands and offer what they need most.
It guarantees customers high quality, innovative and cost-effective production.


Core competency

Our efficient service of qualified team contributes to customer's success and their sustainably smooth production.


Long-term partnership

Since 1953, K. Brasch delivered innovative technical solutions to innumerable customers in Japan to meet their demanding requirements.
Some partners have been in mutual trust for over 40 years.
This is the confirmation that they have chosen the right partner.


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